Deals of the Week #4! YAY!!

I knew it, I knew it!! I predicted that the delicious ribbons and rhinestone brads would be in the Deal of the Week 3 – but alas, I was a week early! I am SO excited to let you know that this week’s deal includes 2 of of most gorgeous ribbons and 3 different sparkly brad varieties. I am just going to get them ALL – too hard to choose!! LOL!

To be extra tricky today – I have linked directly to the catalogue website for you. The pretty rhinestone brads can be found HERE and the gorgeous ribbons can be found HERE!!

This deal ends next Tuesday 29th June – so CONTACT ME today to get your order in FAST!


3 thoughts on “Deals of the Week #4! YAY!!

  1. Hey you tricky trickster – your trick didn’t work!
    Just took me to the catalogue front page.
    Its dangerous for me to page through the WHOLE thing!!

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