The return of Mojo Part II

As a teacher, I place a huge amount of importance on the environment of the classroom and the crucial role that it plays in learning. When I felt that poor old Mojo was disappearing recently, I looked at my creative space and gave it a bit of a make-over in an attempt to reignite my creative flame.

I visited a new store at Parramatta a fortnight ago. The store is called Typo – it’s a grown-ups Smiggle, housing the most wonderfully quirky stationery. Now I don’t know about you, but I just LOVE stationery and I spent quite a bit of time in there nosing around. I found this print and decided right there and then that I MUST have it for my creative space!

So . . . . I bought it. Simple.

There was a matching set of gorgeous little lanterns which I also fell in love with, but I walked away with the print, thinking that I would sleep on that purchase. Well, the very next day, yes, next day, I went into the World Square Typo store and bought the lanterns. You only live once, may as well be indulgent and have fun while you are doing it. I was with my lovely friend Allyson and she encouraged me and I simply had to agree!

Today I put together the little lanterns and gave them a home in my creative space too!

Hope you love them as much as I do! I’d love to hear what you think – leave me a comment and let me know!

So what does this have to do with Stampin’ Up! WELL!Mojo has returned in a BIG way and I have some beautiful projects to share with you over the coming weeks – so stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “The return of Mojo Part II

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