Reorganising my organisation!!

For those of you who know me, you will know very well that I am your quintessential OCD friend!! I will be the first to admit it, I just LOVE, love, LOVE being super duper organised! Cleaning and organising makes me very, very happy! (sad, I know).

So . . . the question is – where on earth have I been? Well, I have been ‘Reorganising my organisation’. Seeing as though the new catalogue is on the horizon, I really needed to get in and sort out the new colour collections, have a clean out of products that I haven’t aired for a while and re-alphabetise my stamp sets (just joking, I don’t really do that!).

My reorganising naturally meant purchasing some new storage and re-imagining the possibilities that my creative space presents to me. I do believe that a good spring clean can help to revitalise your spirit and reignite your creative mojo. Does a good clean out have the same effect on you?

So, I will be posting some pics of my space soon, as I haven’t quite finished at this stage (I have had the flu which slowed me down big time!). I need to have it ready by this Friday – my Never Ending Card class!

The new 2011 Ideas Book and Catalogue Launch Event is also coming up very soon on 3rd September. Don’t forget to contact me ASAP to let me know if you are attending – it’s going to be a great night!


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