Why have I been AWOL??!!??

Oh peeps . . . . . this is shameful, I know. It has been an eternity since I have updated my blog . . . . but I hope you can forgive me! I have been one very busy chicken! Since my last post, I have written my Term 4 program, finished 28 school reports, choreographed and taught sixteen children a Bollywood dance, done all the usual hullabaloo  . . . . . . AND BOUGHT OUR VERY FIRST HOME!! After 13 years of renting, we are moving up to the beautiful Central Coast of NSW into our very first home! As much as I will miss Sydney and my beautiful friends and crafty buddies, I am looking forward to the change!

So my poor Sydney peeps won’t be able to just pop into my classes once a month anymore (sob!) but my new peeps will just grow to love me, I’m sure! If you’re on the coast, drop me a line and I will be able to add you to my mailing list!

Now . . . . . enough of my frenzy . . . . it’s time for the Stampin’ Up! December Frenzy!!! WOOHOO!! Fly over to our website to check out all the amazing savings that you can enjoy – go on – SPOIL YOURSELF!!

Just send me an email, or phone me with your order – be quick so you don’t miss out!!


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