My beautiful Creative Space

As some of you may know, my family and I recently purchased our very own home on the beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales. We used to live up here 13 years ago after we were first married, although like the past 13 years, we were renting. Creating your own space is very challenging when you are renting as you are really limited with what you can and can’t change. Now that we own our own home, I have been in my element over the past few weeks creating my very own space.

The ideas for my Creative Space have been living in my head for years, although I have been able to create them in part in places we were renting. Here’s some BEFORE shots for you (complete with sample colour patches on the wall!)

BORING! BORING! BORING! So, I got to work! Of course, I chose Dulux Celery Green for the walls. I know my friend Catherine will be SO proud! I have always ADORED Certainly Celery and I often sit in there staring at the walls just lovin’ it! My lettering and beautiful print from Typo were relocated to a different spot. I just can’t get enough of the Celery Green and white furniture at the moment, it is so fresh and calming. My room looks straight out onto the bush in my backyard, so it’s gorgeous how the inside blends effortlessly with the outside.

I had fun being Mrs Handywoman drilling holes in MY walls!! Above my desk I placed a floating shelf and rail system (from IKEA of course!) to make sure that all my supplies and tools are within easy reach.

I used some cute little birdhouse ornaments as bookends to store my Clear Mount stamp sets. I nearly op shopped these little birdhouses when I was packing up, as I got a bit excited purging a whole lot of ‘things’ before we moved! So glad I kept them!

Did you notice the cute little owl amongst my punches? Ollie was a housewarming gift from my lovely friend Liz and I just LOVE him to pieces! She knows I love owls and he is very special. Isn’t he cute?!?

To finish off, I just had to have some candles and a Buddha. Why? Well, my Creative Space is also my stress down space and crafting is my meditation. The candles and Buddha remind me to wind down, appreciate what is in front of me and be thankful every day that I am fortunate enough to live in such a beautiful place.

I hope you like my Creative Space – I am a bit in LOVE with it! I’d love to hear what you think!
Now that I have spent truckloads of energy sprucing it up, I can’t wait to start creating! Keep posted for class details coming soon and you can come and create in my special space too!!


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