Sock Monkey Shenanigans

Where we live, it’s the very first day of the Easter School Holidays. As a result, it is never very long before I hear the “I’m bored” chant resonating from my 3 children. My biggest girl, nearly 12, has decided that she REEAAAALLY wants to learn how to sew, so off she went on a Google search for something ‘easy’ to make. Little does she know that learning to sew isn’t that easy (not in my book anyway) and fabulous, cute things often take at least a moderate amount of skill and a good chunk of time to complete. SIGH.

Anyway, she found a great little blog with instructions on how to make a sock monkey. Of course, she instantly fell in love and wanted to make one NOW!

Personally, I have never really understood the fascination with sock monkeys. Stampin’ Up! actually has a sock monkey stamp set – cute, but a bit odd? (scratches head). There is even one particular sock monkey who is owned by a fellow Stampin’ Up! demonstrator (Madonna Dunn) here in Australia who has earned himself some infamy. He even travelled to the Stampin’ Up! Convention in Canberra one year and was quite popular with the ladies!! LOL!!

Here is the Sock Monkey set, as featured in the 2010/2011 Ideas Book and Catalogue (page 59)

So, you may ask – why on earth is she posting about sock monkeys seeing as though she doesn’t ‘get’ them?

Well, the answer is that I am now in LOVE! After making one today with my biggest DD, I can appreciate just how quirky and lovable these little guys are! They are really adorable and add a lot of fun to the family. The one we made today is a gift for DD’s friend at her birthday tomorrow. (Hence the ‘A’ on his bottom, ‘A’ for Alison, not for what you thought!! LOL!).

Do you like him? We just adore him, even with all his quirks and imperfections. After all, he is handmade and he is made with lots of LOVE.



5 thoughts on “Sock Monkey Shenanigans

  1. Fantastic effort Miss D! Love it.
    I actually like the stamp set – but that may be because it has an accessory pack…and you know I am an accessory kinda girl 😉
    No dear – not an accessory to anything else 😉

  2. GO THE SOCK MONKEYS!!! Well done on your gorgeous creation!! My monkey will be at Melbourne this year! Fancy making him a little “mate”?? LOL

    • LMAO Madonna!! I can’t believe you saw this so quickly!! I am laughing so hard!!!

      I could make your monkey a ‘mate’ and they could get up to some real shenanigans in Melbourne! BUT the very sad irony of that would be that I can’t go (and DESPERATELY want to). 😦

      Sigh. . . . 🙂

      • oh poo. Oh well. I’ll try to get a few pictures of old sockers getting around as he’s wont to do and post them on the bloggo for you. lol xo

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