30 Days of Creativity (Day 3) Chrome

When I think of chrome, I think of really distastefully pimped up cars and gangsters with shiny teeth! Fortunately, that just ain’t my style!

I settled for something much classier – using kitchen foil to represent the ‘chrome’ theme for today’s challenge. Working with kitchen foil is quite a delicate process and I had to be very careful not to rip and tear it. You can purchase craft foil from craft stores, but I would rather use something that I already have at hand.

I used the Big Shot and the Perfect Polka dots textured impression folder to create the dotty foil. I tried it a few times before it was perfect, in fact the card below is one of my first goes (not perfect, but it did get easier as I went along). The thing that did make it easier to emboss was two pieces of paper either side of the foil before it went through the Big Shot. Without this paper, the impressions push right through the foil.

If you look closely, some of the little dots have popped out! I quite liked it though, so I pressed on. Adding my little two-step bird punch birdies, I was really pleased with it. SO different to anything I have created before. Can I say, foil is REALLY tricky to photograph well!

So I got a bit happy with the foil and then I started to think . . . . wait for it . . . CHRISTMAS! I made some funky little baubles using the Bauble punch and various circle punches. The baubles were made using the negative of the punch, fixing the foil to the back and VERY carefully trimming around the cardstock to create a little border. The circle bauble has been made with two different sized punches, one to create the centre negative and a larger one to create the thin border.

The colours of Elegant Eggplant, Old Olive, Real Red and Tempting Turquoise teamed with the silver foil came together so beautifully. Not sure if I’ll keep it in this frame, but I do know that I will stash it away until Christmas is much closer!



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