30 Days of Creativity (Day 9) Cowbell

Something a little bit different for Day 9. Today, I have dabbled in a bit of photography and I’ve played around with the photos using Picnik.

Where did I get the photographs of the cows you may ask?? I took them myself, of course! I live in a very interesting part of the world where you can be surrounded by suburbia one minute, then amongst rural farmlands the next.

I first discovered these cows a few months ago when I took a wrong turn! Today, this cow walked up to the fence and tried to stick her head in the car. She was probably wondering who the mad woman with the camera was! I know, I know, she doesn’t have a cowbell – can’t be perfect every day you know!

Anyway – I thought I would post some photographs and show you some of the cool things you can achieve working with Picnik. These pics could then easily be used as part of a scrapbooking page or as part of a mixed media project. Perhaps you would like to use some of your kids, not the cows 🙂

And the all time weirdest thing I have ever done with a photo . . . hypnotic cow!



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