30 Days of Creativity (Day 18) Feet

Today’s inspiration of ‘feet’ reminded me of a scrapbook page that I created some time ago. It was actually 5 years ago, way before I even discovered Stampin’ Up! Those were the days when I spent hours labouring over which colours to choose and what matched with this and that!

Why would I want to share something that I made 5 years ago? First and foremost, the page contains some pics of my gorgeous youngest daughter when she was 2, who is now a week away from being 7. And her feet, her beautiful little chubby, scraped and grubby feet. I remember taking the pics with this layout in mind. I was very deliberate and calculated in those days. These days I am much more relaxed and just let my ideas flow.

Before I share the layout with you, I want to share this with you. I saw this on a friend’s Facebook page and it rings SO true. I probably wouldn’t have DREAMED of publishing something I made 5 years ago, with all it’s imperfections and novice touches . . . . but then I realised that my ‘retro’ creations form a really important part of my creative journey. The inspiration of ‘feet’ today also symbolise this creative journey, a path which I have walked since I was only a little peep myself.

This was a small part of a LOT of work . . . .

To this day . . . . it makes my heart sing. 🙂


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