Why I chose Stampin’ Up!

Quite a few people have been asking me about what it is like to be a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and why I decided to join Stampin’ Up! in the first place. They are usually curious as to how a working mum of three kids could possibly find time for a hobby, let alone run a little business ‘on the side’! Some people are a bit wary of direct selling or may have had a bad experience elsewhere, so they are hesitant to try anything again.

I thought I would post a few questions that I have been asked lately and answer them for my blog audience. You just never know who might be thinking the same thing and is too shy to ask!

Q: I don’t have time to keep up with the basics in my life, how on earth do you find time to be a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator?

A: Being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator is very flexible. I am what is known as a ‘hobby’ demonstrator. I choose the amount of time that I spend on my business. The time I spend is usually papercrafting, which is my precious ‘time out’ from life anyway. I schedule classes once a month (on a Friday night while hubby is watching the footy!) and I facilitate workshops for people whenever they request me to. Classes are not compulsory, they are a choice. Papercrafting is part of my life ‘balance’ – it is necessary, not optional!

Q: Is it difficult to reach the minimum $500 in sales per quarter?

A: No, but some months are busier than others. It only takes one good workshop per quarter (3 months) to reach minimum sales requirements, that’s not forgetting the other bookings and sales I receive! My own purchases contribute toward my minimum. If I am finding it difficult to reach minimum sales, there has always been an amazing amount of encouragement and support available from Stampin’ Up!.

Q: As a demonstrator, what discount do you get off your own purchases?

A: I receive a minimum 20% off all purchases. This increases depending on how many demonstrators I have on my ‘team’. I also receive a percentage of customer sales which is an amazing way to earn an extra income and build my own papercrafting supplies or contribute to my family’s income (I like the first option! :-))

Q: You are so creative, I’m not sure if I could never learn how to do that, let alone show other people how?

A: We all have to start somewhere! I have been creating and crafting since I was little, but that doesn’t mean that my learning has ever stopped! I spent two years going to Stampin’ Up! classes before I joined as a demonstrator. It’s different for everyone. Stampin’ Up! also provide seminars, conventions, a great demonstrator website and endless demonstrator support to inspire my creativity. I have my own ‘style’ and set of skills, but I am still learning from others each and every day! 🙂

Q: What do you love the most about being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator?

A: Just one thing? Hmmmm – not possible. Firstly, it has to be the gorgeous products. They all coordinate with each other which entertains the OCD me. Secondly, the friendships and connections that I have made through SU! have been a lifesaver. Literally. My hobby is my lifeline to sanity. Having a hobby business makes me schedule time out for just me – and I get to share what I love doing, which makes it even more AMAZING! Lastly, the fact that I can shop for gorgeous products at a discount 24/7 – well, how spoilt am I?

Q: How much does it cost to be a demonstrator?

A: Usually $289. During September, there is an amazing special on the Demonstrator Starter Kit (full kit is 20% off at $231 – see below). When I signed up in 2009, I paid $324 (still a massive bargain!). Getting the box with my starter kit was SO incredibly exciting! I also loved how I could personalise the starter kit and substitute most of the items to suit me. Apart from the initial cost and the purchases I have chosen to make, there have been no other ‘fees’ or ‘penalties’ payable (I have heard some horror stories!). If you want more info, follow THIS link.

PHEW! I think I have covered the main questions!

Do you have any other questions you would like to ask me? I would be more than happy to answer them! Just use the CONTACT ME page and ask away! No question is too trivial!.

Now I’m off to browse the new 2011/2012 Ideas Book and Catalogue . . . again. Time to build my wish list me thinks! 😉


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