Papercraft Organisation – Part 1 (Paper)

What a wet and stormy day it is here on the coast today! Perfect weather for crafting and for blogging! I have decided to run a series of posts on my favourite topic – ORGANISATION!

For those of you who know me well, you will know that I have rather strong OCD tendencies . . . . which, I must say, I actually really like about myself! I love the buzz I get when I am super organised and everything is just so. DH calls it ‘control freak’, but I prefer to be known as just plain organised. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I spent yesterday afternoon doing something I call ‘Reorganising my organisation’. I often do this when I’m on holidays and the room that gets reorganised the most is my creative space, of course!

I thought I would share some of the organisation systems that I use, as they have evolved over time and I certainly have trialled quite a few. Some work beautifully for me and others fail dismally. The aim of any system is to ensure that all my products get stored safely and used regularly. Efficiency – YES!


I organise all my colours according to this chart, which came out as part of The Colour Renovation. Unfortunately, the colour order does not correspond to how they are organised in the Ideas Books and Catalogue! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I just had to build a bridge over that one!

My A4 cardstock lives in portable stackable filing boxes, which I purchased from Officeworks (they are approx. $20 each).

I store two colour collections per box, which are labelled on the lid for ease of finding. Gotta love my Dymo labeller! Inside the boxes are hanging files, labelled with the cardstock colour names. When I am crafting, I position the boxes open across the floor, which makes it super easy to spin around and grab what I want. The hanging files are organised with full sheets of cardstock to the back and smaller offcuts at the front (to ensure they get used up first).


My collection of 12 x 12 cardstock is a growing part of my collection, so my storage option is one that will probably evolve! I have my 12 x 12 cardstock stored in a 12 x 12 tote box.

Instead of buying expensive paper dividers, I have used the 12 x 12 cardboard sheets that come at the back of the Designer Series Paper. These dividers have a label on them with the Colour Collection, the type of cardstock (smooth or textured) and the colours, in order of course!


I purchased some 12 x 12 display folders many, many years ago to store my unfinished scrapbooking layouts. This was before I had my own creative space and my stuff got spread out all over the dining room table! These days I have a desk with space to leave unfinished layouts until I get to work on them again.

I am now using these display folders to store my Designer Series Paper. Each pocket has one design, with a label on the front with the design name and most importantly, the cardstock colours which coordinate with the DSP. As with my cardstock, full sheets are stored at the back, with offcuts to the front.

Smaller stacks of Designer Series Paper have a label attached to the front with the coordinating cardstock colours. I find this saves a lot of time trying to remember what is what and which is which!

The 12 x 12 tote boxes and display folders all live happily in my 12 x 12 colourful drawers, which were purchased from Kmart (approx $49 each, two sets stacked shown here). They are on wheels, which means they are portable and easy to move and clean behind!


All my papercraft mags, catalogues, envelopes and other papery what nots get stored in various corners of my trusty Expedit shelving! Hooray for IKEA!

PHEW! That was a long post!

I guess the most important thing about organisation is to find what works for YOU! Expect your organisation system to evolve as your own needs evolve and as your collection of papercrafting items grows! (they are know for breeding unexpectedly!).

Most of all – have FUN!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay tuned for the next installment . . . . . . Storing stamps and punches.

KG xo


4 thoughts on “Papercraft Organisation – Part 1 (Paper)

  1. I love the order Miss KG. I need to spend a day in the holidays trying to rematch paper to the correct sets as mine are in a very mixed up box!
    Think my startup gift to myself will be the display folders and Tote boxes. Thank heavens for keeping old catalogues and my new colour coach!

  2. You are such an inspiration and I love your creative space. When you come and visit you can help me organise me – have you been to K-mart?? Will try and make a trip here this weekend

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