I want to share a small part of my day with you . . . . a day of contrasts.

Part 1: A particularly ugly start to the day with 1 hour . . . yes, 1 hour, on the phone to a particular mobile phone company for the umpteenth time regarding the non event that is my mobile phone coverage. I had decided enough was enough after giving them a chance to rectify the issues but the customer service rep had other ideas. So he wrangled with me . . . for one hour. I dug my heels in and the victory is mine. Felt angry, annoyed, frustrated that not only had an hour of my day ‘off’ been wasted, but I hadn’t been listened to and I felt devalued and patronised. Big GRRRRRR!

Part 2: I receive a note in my letterbox from my dellivery man. He had missed me when he had tried to deliver a parcel. I pop down to my local Post Office and, you guessed it, it’s my Stampin’ Up! order. The order I placed on Wednesday night at 11pm. Today is Friday. Less than 48 hours. Note enclosed in box as usual thanking me for my custom. I feel valued, respected and very excited! I feel amazed that a company exists that can process an order with such speed! The box beat the shipping confirmation email! LOL! 🙂

My day of contrasts.

Stampin’ Up! has the most amazing customer service and even after moving to a regional area of NSW, my orders still reach me in 2-3 days. I often get customers who are shocked by how fast their box arrives, but this is how SU! rolls. They know what crazy crafters want – they want their goodies FAST! Nothing worse than getting all inspired and motivated and then having to wait two weeks or more for your goodies to arrive!


What has been your fastest SU! delivery time? What was the funniest reaction you have had to a much awaited delivery? 🙂


2 thoughts on “*Five*Star*Customer*Service*

  1. Hi Kathy,
    You are definitely SUPER special!!
    Claire placed my order Monday night & I only received it Friday morning!! 🙂
    Lil xo

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